The 04 Best Arm Exercises and Workouts

The 04 Best Arm Exercises and Workouts

If one of your trouble spots is your underarms, it's time to get serious about training your triceps. This is the muscle that runs along the back of your arm and, while training won't necessarily get rid of all the 'jiggle' (you'll need to lose fat for that), as you do lose weight it will help to tone up the region, adding the definition you desire to have.

Best Arm Exercises

If you want to build big arms then you're going to need to work out your biceps, triceps and forearms, which is why we've selected exercises that hit all three muscle groups.


01. One Arm Tricep Extension (seated)

How to: Hold a dumbbell in one hand directly behind your head, with your elbow bent and pointed towards the ceiling. Extend through your elbow until your arm is straight and the dumbbell is directly above you. Lower your arm back to starting position and repeat.

Why: This move builds arm strength and adds stability to your shoulders and elbows. Plus, working unilaterally will put an end to any muscle imbalances.

2. Reverse-grip EZ Bar Curl

How to: Hold the EZ bar in front of your thighs with an overhand, shoulder-width grip. As you breathe in, curl the bar until your hands are at your shoulders. Squeeze your biceps, then lower under control.

3. Tate Press

How to: Lie on a bench and hold two dumbbells directly above your shoulders. 

Slowly bend your elbows to bring the dumbbells to your chest, so your palms face outwards and the dumbbells point towards the ceiling. Raise the dumbbells back to starting position and repeat.

4. Close-grip Bench Press

How to: Grasp a barbell with an overhand grip that’s shoulder-width apart, and hold it above your sternum with arms completely straight. Lower the bar straight down, pause, and then press the bar back up to the starting position.

Why: This is a great tricep exercise that works both your chest and core. By placing your hands closer together your triceps have to work harder, which leads to new growth and more strength.

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